A complete picture of consumer credit risk

Gain deeper insight into consumer behaviour and optimise the way you extend credit with Dun & Bradstreet’s comprehensive reports and consumer risk scores. Updated in real-time, D&B’s comprehensive credit reporting solutions can drive substantially higher credit approval rates without compromising credit quality.

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Increase predictivity

Improve consumer lending decisions with added insight into behavioural trends. With particular strength in capturing first credit experiences from the telecommunications and utilities sectors, a D&B comprehensive enquiry can help approve more credit applications without increasing portfolio default rates.

Assess risk instanly

Used with a comprehensive or negative credit enquiry the Consumer Risk Score is delivered as a real-time numeric value and a risk grade enabling you to either implement it as a standalone risk prediction tool or integrate it into your credit decisioning process.

Identify opportunity

D&B’s comprehensive reporting enables your business to obtain a greater level of credit risk prediction. By combining new positive information such as repayment history, with existing negative data including bankruptcies and defaults, you can avoid risky customers and identify those with untapped value.

Integrate with your processes

The Consumer Risk Score, in conjunction with the comprehensive or negative enquiry, is available through our B2B channels, which will enable easy integration into your credit origination process. Alternatively, the reports can be ordered individually for a consumer credit applicant via our DNBi Web Portal.

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